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(NCSA Perú) A great centennial celebration was held with a number of commemorative activities, the 15th through the 18th of November this year for the Monsefú Church of the Nazarene, Chiclayo province, of the Lambayeque region of Peru. It is a historic church in the North Peruvian District.

The activities began on Thursday the 15th with a celebration concert highlighted by a time singing the history of the faith. The Philharmonic Orchestra of Chiclayo and choirs from churches around the District offered standout performances, and an evangelic message was shared at the concert.

The morning of Friday the 16th began with a christian and cultural identity craft fair in the main city park. Many artisanal crafts were available with Christian messages.

In the evening there was a festival of bands, headlined by “Singing with Identity.” Several youth Christian bands participated in the festival. The event was highly anticipated by the people and the news media of Lambayeque.

Saturday the 17th was the central day of the event with a thanksgiving service held with more than 800 people present. It was a great time of worship, meditation, and celebration of the faithfulness of God with his people. The Word of God was shared and a live greeting from Miss Mary Millar Andreus from the USA (She served as a missionary in Monsefú from 1965 to 1995).

At noon, the centennial lunch was offered by the church for about 1,000 people.

In the afternoon a Great Street March was held with Biblical banners, and a testimony march through the main streets of the city, and ending in the main plaza, with the staging of Biblical images.

The morning of Sunday the 18th, a special service was held recognizing the families and people who are part of the history of the church and who continue inspiring new generations today: Rev. Alberto Zamora, Lucas Gonzales Reluz (the first Nazarene pastor from Peru in Monsefú and from Monsefú); Gregoria Vallejos, Manuel Caicedo, Josué Fenco and the couple Angulo Julca.

The celebration finished when the Great Centennial Cake was shared. The cake was 20 meters long and was made by the Monsefú Association of Bakers.

Reverend Wiligram Román Balladares, pastor of the Monsefú church, said, “Today we have come to a transcendent time for our denomination and for our local congregation. Celebrating 100 years of the Church of the Nazarene in Monsefú, is a good and great motivation to give glory to God and be a living testimony to the gospel in our community. We celebrate the contribution of our church to our community and the historic legacy that the church in Monsefú holds for the Church of the Nazarene in Peru. We celebrate the legacy of many Nazarenes from Monsefú who have maintained a living faith, a living testimony and a fervent passion for the salvation of their community.”

The church of the Nazarene arrived in Peru the first of November 1914, at Pacasmayo with Roger Winans. It has been officially recognized since 1917. The church was established in Monsefú in November of 1918 when Rev. Winans purchased the first property and established the first missionary center, and build the first buildings of the Church of the Nazarene in Peru. He created a Bible School which later was known as The Evangelical School, later as The American School, and finally as Nazarene Bible Institute. The first Nazarene sanctuary in Peru was in Nonsefú.

Congratulations to the Church of Monsefú, for their first 100 years and let us pray that God will fill them with the fire of the Holy Spirit to continue making Christ-like disciples.

Thanks be to God for making us part of a great celebration and an unforgettable experience!

Source: Nazarene Communications Peru.

Translation: Paul Clark.