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(NCSA Peru). With the theme “BEING in your generation 2019,” the Peru Andean District held a district youth camp with more than 600 teens in attendance.

The camp took place August 1-3, in the city of Cutervo, surrounded by white sands, in the Nazarene church of the community. Pastor William Diaz Barboza, Atilano Bustamante, and Flor Vasquez Barboza preached and taught at the camp.

In addition, Pastor Moises Suárez preached in the evenings at the camp. The preaching that impacted the students most were on the themes, “What is below the surface,” Pressures facing youth,” Moving forward without losing the way,” among others.

The evening services were held at the Tomas Gálvez sports complex. God showed grace by touching many lives, many people accepted Christ and were reconciled to God.

The worship team ATC from Chiclayo lead the worship music for the camp.

Pastor Micaias Velasquez Roman, district youth coordinator, expressed his gratitude to all the youth present at the end of the event. He also gave thanks to God for showing His glory. Hundreds of youth were challenged and committed to live as true disciples of the Lord.

Source: Nazarene Communications Peru

Translation: Paul Clark