Central Andean Field

The Church of the Nazarene in Peru began in the northern close to the border with Ecuador. In almost 10 years the work of evangelizing and church planting has been carried out on the coast, in the Andes and the jungle in the north of Peru. The work of planting new churches happened naturally through population migration from one city to another.

Our focus in these years is to practice the rich gospel, discipleship personalized, systematic and permanent, the formation of new leaders and continue with the planting of new churches in an intentional way.

Peru has resumed the way of church planting and this is affecting the kingdom of darkness. There is no doubt that the enemy of the church is determined to separate, wanting us to lose the vision and that our focus would return to localism; but this vision in the country, this missionary awakening in the superintendents and pastors isn’t an initiative that comes from human initiative, but it is an initiative of the Holy Spirit. Just as the apostles in the early church prioritized evangelism, discipleship, formation of leaders and church plants, we move forward winning Peru for Christ!

The cities chosen to plant churches in the coming years are

1.Huancavelica, population 142.723 ;

2.Abancay, population 96.064.

Evelio Vásquez

Evelio Vásquez

Field Strategy Coordinator

Ten years ago in Peru there were 8 Phase I districts and 8 Phase III districts, and for the current year we have 11 Phase III districts, 2 Phase II and 2 Phase 1 districts, with the goal being that in the next four years there would be 13 Phase III districts and 2 Phase II.

Leaders in Perú
Alto Amazonas Saramiriza Guillermo Samekash Chup samekash11@hotmail.com
Alto Marańon Jaén Bernardo Reto Sócola b_retosocola@hotmail.com
Amazonas Nuevo Horizonte Jorge Wamputsag jwamputsag@hotmail.com
Andino Chota Samuel Aguilar saguial42@hotmail.com
Cajamarca Cajamarca Céster Gamonal Flores toribio_peru2005@hotmail.com
Central Lima Marcial Rubio Idrogo marcialrubio@yahoo.com
Condorcanqui Santa María de Nieva Elías Tomás Chumap elias_chumap@hotmail.com
La Libertad Chavín Trujillo Oscar Medina Guzmán osmegu@hotmail.com
Loreto Iquitos Salomón Sánchez Montero ssmontero@hotmail.com
Nor Oriente Moyobamba Adán Sánchez Paredes asanchez_1502@hotmail.com
Norte Chiclayo Ricardo Rodríguez dpn_2014@hotmail.com
Oriente Central Pucallpa Darío Santacruz Izquierdo dariosantacruz157@hotmail.com
Pacífico Norte Piura Segundo Rimarachín SRimarachin@yahoo.com
Sur Arequipa Edilberto Solano Castro edil_solano_castro82@hotmail.com
Sur Central Pisco José David Acosta holycham@yahoo.com
National Ministry Coordinators
INTEGRAL COORDINATOR OF MINISTRY and Work and Witness Group Coordinator – José David Acosta (Holychamo@yahoo.com)
NYI – José David Balcázar (josephdebm@hotmail.com)
NMI – Marleni Palma de Medina (mardemenaz@hotmail.com)
WOMEN’S MINISTRY – Lourdes Palacios de Rimarachín (slourdes_pa@hotmail.com)
COMPASSION – Enrique Solano Castro (familysolrio@hotmail.com)
COMMUNICATIONS – Freddy Zapata Correa (freddy_zapata_correa@hotmail.com)
LITERATURE – Wilson Sáncehz Ciez (wpasjj@hotmail.com)
EVANGELISM – Oscar Medina Guzmán (Osmegu@hotmail .com)
Superintendents in Bolivia
Germán Espinosa, District Superintendent Alto Northeast

Guido Delgadillo, District Superintendent Central East

Macedonio Daza, District Superintendent La Paz East

Napoleon Guerrero, District Superintendent Santa Cruz

Ismael Ramos, District Superintendent Southern

Napoleón Guerrero, District Superintendent Los Yungas

Ladislao Ajata, Rector at the Andean Central Nazarene Seminary


Organized churches