Brazil Sub-region

Brazil is experiencing a time of transition. During the 10 years that Rev. Lázaro Aguiar Valvassoura served as a Brazil Sub Region director, a growth of 148% was achieved, reaching in 2015 a total of 149,000 Nazarenes serving God in the 26 states of the country.

We cannot fail to thank the national leadership. Beyond the work of Rev. Lázaro Aguiar Valvassoura, there was great influence from the four Field Strategy Coordinators and their Superintendents.

There is no doubt that the Lord will continue to work in and through this new stage in the life of the Brazilian church. Our leadership aims to work for the International, the South American and the National churches for the strengthening of Nazarene Unity, Credibility and Identity, providing the necessary conditions for all of the pastors leading the more than 640 organized churches. The pastors are on the front lines of the battle and we work that they may receive tools and total support to bring continuity in the growth of the church. We hope that each church can develop the ten basic ministries that will strengthen our members and that each of them would live the Great Commission left to us by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rev. Manuel Gamaliel Lima

Rev. Manuel Gamaliel Lima

Brazil Sub Region Director

Rev. Gerson Cardoso

Rev. Gerson Cardoso

North/Northeast Field

Rev. Luis Henrique Biazon

Rev. Luis Henrique Biazon

Central Field

Rev. Wagner Sousa

Rev. Wagner Sousa

South Field

Leaders of Brazil
  • Paulo Berg, Santa Catarina District Superintendent
  • Amadeu Teixeira, Rio Baixada District Superintendent
  • Elio Tomaz, Grande Rio District Superintendent
  • Gilberto Silva, Londrina District Superintendent
  • Eriton Valença, Nordeste Meridional District Superintendent
  • Fabiano Loureiro, Noroeste Paulista District Superintendent
  • Fernando César de Oliveira, Sudeste Paulista District Superintendent
  • Gerson Pinto Cardoso, Setentrional Nordeste District Superintendent
  • Luiz Carlos Oliveira, Centro Oeste District Superintendent
  • Luiz Henrique Biazon, Nordeste Paulista District Superintendent
  • Jean Jerley Nogueira, Amazonas District Superintendent
  • Mateus Ramos, Paulistano District Superintendent
  • Roberto Vieira, Curitiba District Superintendent
  • Romero Moreira, Gaúcho District Superintendent
  • Romerson Cangussu Silva, Minas Gerais District Superintendent
  • Rubens Rodrigues, Nordeste Central District Superintendent
  • Severino José Quirino, Espírito Santo District Superintendent
  • Wagner de Souza, São Paulo District Superintendent
  • Geraldo Nunes Filho, Holistic Ministries Coordinator
  • Antonio Carlos, NMI Coordinator
  • Damasio Moraes, Evangelism Coordinator
  • Waner Maia Torres Nunes, Women’s Ministry Coordinator
  • Christiano Malta, NYI Coordinator
  • Lidia Lima, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Coordinator
  • Jandira Scarcela, SDMI Coordinator
  • Raphael Brandão, Literature Coordinator
  • Paulo Bodini, Leadership Coordinator
  • Gabriel Cardoso, Communications Coordinator
  • Natanael Cardoso, Global Missions Coordinator
  • Jean Jerley Nogueira, DCPI Coordinator
  • Calebe Luo, Coordinator of Nazarene Strengths

  • Alexandre Ramos, Coordinator of VGC

  • Fernando César de Oliveira, Coordinator of Pastoral Care

  • Lucas Swisher, Coordinator of Work and Witness

  • Cilene Silva, Coordinator of Child Sponsorship

 “Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your name give glory because of Your lovingkindness, because of Your [a]truth.”

Psalm 115.1


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