(NCSA Chile) During the month of July the North District and the Bio Bio District, two of the four districts of Chile, realized the Children’s Bible Quiz as they do every year. The purpose of this activity is to empower children to read the Word of God and connect with other children by participating in a harmonious way, considering the format of the activity, which is a healthy competition of teams that are faced with a series of questions.
Approximately 50 children between the ages of 7 and 12 participated in these competitions on the same day, but 2,500 km away. In both districts the activity–organized by their SDMI superintendents, in the Northern District, Brother Jaime Orellana and in the Bio Bio District, Sister Olga Sepúlveda and their respective councils–was greatly blessed both by assistance and participation by the children.
Each year they study the selected chapters of a book of the Bible; this year both districts proposed books of the Old Testament, while the Northern District studied the book of Jonah, in the Bio Bio District the children prepared themselves in the book of Joshua.
After the awards for individual and group performance, there was a moment of fellowship.
Source: Elizabeth Soto
Translation: Scott Brubaker