(CNSAM Chile) By the initiative of Rev. Alessandro Polonio, who serves as the National Holistic Ministries Coordinator, the Ministries Training was held for the 3rd consecutive year in the four districts in Chile.

This is a strategy that has been carried out throughout the three years with cooperation from the national leaders of NYI, NMI, Global Mission, SDMI, Compassion, Evangelism, and Women’s Ministries and has been an important tool for local churches.

The next trainings are already scheduled for March 10 in the Chile North District and March 24 in the Bio Bio district. Apart from the work that is happening, God has provided a new method for continuing the trainings which will happen through virtual means through a web site or cell phone application. The participants will receive materials and will participate in forums with their respective leaders.

Source: Thais Ribeiro
Translation: Chad Dickerson