(NCSA Uruguay) On August 3 and 4, a workshop on “What is South America Communications?” was held in the North (Tacuarembó) and South (Montevideo) districts of Uruguay. It was a very special moment for each district because they were taught and updated about the importance of communications; especially because of the communicating role that we as a church have of the best message that exists for all humanity.
The Regional Communications Coordinator, Lucas Nunes, along with Oscar Benítez (member of the regional team), developed the workshops in both districts, creating a connection with pastors and assistants; in addition to challenging them to find in their local churches members with skills and talents according to the profile who can participate in this ministry that is of great impact for the aggrandizement of the work of God in our day.
There is still a lot to be said about how beautiful and great God is working in Uruguay. We thank the help and support of the superintendents Jesus Bernat and Adhemar Charlín for the accomplishment of this event. Let us continue in prayer for the Lord’s church in Uruguay.
Source: Eduardo Meza
Translation: Scott Brubaker