(NCSA Paraguay) Committed to the vision of living the Great Commission we began the challenge of working and equipping the leaders of the different Churches of the Nazarene in Paraguay through the DIM (Disciples in Ministry) program.
During the months of April, May and June 2018, at the Fernando de la Mora church facilities, various subjects of the DIM were shared, such as Nazarene Fundamentals, Discover your ministry through the spiritual gifts and the first two modules of the DIM, for SDMI, NYI and NMI ministries.
On June 24 we had a celebration service, attended by about 100 people, where we were challenged by the Word of God and the call to ministry. It was a precious time of praise, testimony, and could not have ended any differently than an altar moment surrendering our lives to God.
We are already preparing for the second stage of this project, starting on August 5 of this year, where we will finish the subjects of the DIM and will deliver the certificates to the future monitors who will be responsible for reproducing the methodology of discipleship in the local churches.
The Church of the Nazarene in Paraguay is living a new time, full of God’s grace. A new generation of young people is joining in the great effort to make Christ-like disciples in the nations and especially in our beloved Paraguay.
We ask for your prayers in favor of this beautiful country. The best is yet to come!
Source: Pablo Tello
Translation: Scott Brubaker