(CNAS Argentina) The 15th annual Continuing Education for Decentralized Faculty (FADES) took place from Abril 12-14, 2018 at the Southern Cone’s Nazarene Theological Seminary (STNC).

During this time of continuing education for the professors, there was a total of 82 professors from the Decentralized Theological Education (ETED) representing the countries of Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina.

The participating professors who comprise the FADES program, attended the conference from many different districts on the Southern Cone Field of the Church of the Nazarene. The time of training included talks, workshops and moments of preaching that all provided useful educational tools for the work of teaching. There were also small group activities and a plenary session for reflexion and dialog about the talks that were given about Christology that were presented during the 4th Global Nazarene Theological Conference in the city of Orlando, Florida, USA from March 18-21, 2018.

The conference speakers and workshop presenters were Dr. Daniel Bianchi, Director of Lausana for Latin America; Dr. Carlos Scott, ex-president of COMBIAN, who address different topics on Missiology; Dr. Gabriel Ballerini, Director of the Department of Bioethics of the Association of Evangelical Churches of the Republic of Argentina (ACIERA), who discussed the legalization of abortion in Argentina; Dr. Christopher Shaw, Director of Christian Development International, who discussed topics about the challenges of Christian leadership and the importance of investing in the training of people, and finally Pastor Gustavo Schneir who ministered to the professors with an inspiring message from the Word of God.

During this time of FADES the ETED Coordinators from the districts of the Southern Cone Field were trained by Kindra Bible, a special guest from the IBOE, on the implementation of the Integrated Database of Registration GNECsis that the Nazarene Theological Seminary of the Southern Cone is using for its students.

We thank God for the time we shared together with the professors of the Southern Cone Field, the presenters and special guests during this time of worship, fellowship and communion.

Source: Eduardo Velazques/Jorge Julca
Translation: Jessica Rojas