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(NCSA Peru) In “the city of friendship,” Chiclayo, Peru, the 7th through 9th of March a Generational Leadership Congress was held. More than 385 participants, from a variety of cities in Peru gathered for the event. There were representatives from ten districts, Cajamarca District, North Peru District, Andean District, La Libertad Chavin, South Central District, Loreto District, North East District, Alto Marañon District, Utcubamba District, and the North Pacific District.

The congress was organized by Nazarene Theological Seminary of Peru through the “Wholistic Child and Youth Development” known as DINA (the acronym of its title in Spanish). A variety of presenters were invited, among them were: Nell Becker Sweeden, Global Director of NCM; Willi Briones, Youth Pastor of the Church of the Way of Life, Lima, Peru; and Dr. Lucas Leys, pastor, specialist in the topic of leadership, and international speaker.

The congress also brought the NCM team from the South American Region, led by Tabita Gonzalez. This team is made of Nazarene Leaders from the different countries in South America and North America.

The Generational Leadership Congress sought to encourage, train, and challenge pastors and leaders in all of Peru to develop relevant ministry in their churches. The participants of the event ranged from 18 to 60 years of age.

Source: Marcial Banda

Translation: Paul Clark