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(NCSA Chile) Nazarene Biblical Seminary (SBN) celebrated eight graduates in a ceremony held on Saturday, November 17 in the central building of the seminary in Santiago, Chile.

The ceremony was attended by a number of authorities from the region: Rev. Juan Jose Zani, field strategy coordinator for the Southern Cone Field; and Rev. Jorge Julca, Regional Education Coordinator. In addition, four district superintendents were present from Chile: Rev. Oscar Varas, North District (also serving as Rector of SBN); Rev. Orestes Barboza, Central District; Rev. Juan Carlos Ibañez, Bio Bio District; and Rev. Alessandro Polonio, Lake District (also serving as president of the administrative board of SBN). Along with them was Rev. Richard Faunde, president of the National board of Chile. Family members, the faculty of SBN, pastors, students of SBN, and friends were all there to support the graduates.

The seven students who received their Bachelors in Theology were: Gloria Morales and Geovanna Barraza from the North District; Francisco Peña, Roxana Gaona, Gerardo Salinas, and Daniel Medrano from the Central District; and Luis Zambrano from the Bio Bio District.

Reverend Ana Mardones from the Lakes District also received her License in Theology, making her the first woman in Chile to earn the degree. She was already the first Chilean woman to be ordained as an elder in the Church of the Nazarene.

Nazarene Biblical Seminary hopes and prays that this generation of graduates will have the greatest level of success in their ministerial work that they are already accomplishing. We ask the Lord to continue calling more men and women to the harvest, who are able to obey the voice of the Master to go to the deep waters and throw out the gospel net.

Source: Patricio Huanca Aravena, Institutional Development Coordinator, Nazarene Biblical Seminary.

Translation: Paul Clark.