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(NCSA Chile) A graduation ceremony was held at Nazarene Biblical Seminary (SBN) for students from the bachelor’s and license programs of the seminary. The ceremony took place on Saturday, November 9, 2019 in the “Boyd Skinner” room of the main building of the seminary.

Those graduating from the bachelor’s program were: Adela Vásquez, Thais Ribeiro and Pastor Jaime Díaz; the graduate from the license program were was Pastor Raul Soto. The graduates had completed all the requirements of their degree program from the different modalities offered by the seminary in Chile: virtual, video conference, and classes in person either on campus or in extension centers in the four districts in Chile.

Several national and regional authorities were present at this important ceremony: Rev. Alessandro Polonio, Field Strategy Coordinator for the Southern Cone; Rev. Jorge Julca, Regional Coordinator of Theological Education; Rev. Orestes Barboza, Superintendent of the Central District; Rev. Richard Faundez, President of the National Board; Rev. Oscar Varas, Rector of SBN; invited pastor, family and friends of the graduates and seminary students.

SBN is very satisfied to see students reach their graduation and to see them serve in diverse areas of ministry in the Church of the Nazarene in Chile. This class of graduates includes pastors, a missionary, and leaders in local ministries.

We pray that the Lord will continue to call more workers to the great ripe harvest, and that SBN would be able to provide holistic formation for individuals who want to serve God.

Source: Patricio Huanca Aravena

Translation: Paul Clark