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(NCSA Ecuador) The Church of the Nazarene in North Riobamba, in the Sierra Centro District of Ecuador is pastored by Pastor Mayra Robalino and her husband Mario Paredes who serves as District Superintendent. On January, 31, 2021, the church celebrated a grand  harvest through an exciting baptism event held at the Sierra Centro District center. This came as a result of a process involving the evangelism, discipleship, and mentoring of several families who have experienced miracles of healing and provision during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For more than eight months, during time of crisis in which many churches are closing, the different ministries of this local church have continued to produce fruit using virtual means like Facebook and Zoom; this church is celebrating the baptism of 31 people including preteens, teens, young adults, and adults. We believe this was possible because of our 5:00am prayer ministry which stands daily as a pillar for everything that happens in the church.

 In the final months of 2020, the church has been working to strengthen this group, (85% of which are new believers) through programs for couples, young adults, women, and children among others. It is a source of great joy to see our new Christian brothers and sisters’ public act of obedience. We believe in a God who has not stopped, in spite of the circumstances, but instead, has used these events to call the lost to an intimate relationship with their creator, and for that reason we continue raising of Christlike disciples. 

Source Pastor Josué Franco – Sierra Centro District

Translation: Chad Dickerson