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(NCSA Chile) The 20th through 24th of February was marked by the second national NYI gathering in Chile called “Inspira 2019” at the Paine Evangelical Event Center in the city of Santiago. Fifteen youth leaders representing ten countries in South America joined more than twelve Chilean youth pastors at the event.

The total attendance was over 235 youth from the four districts in Chile. Participants had the opportunity to attend fifteen workshops given by a variety of presenters who gave essential tools for youth ministry today.

Also, eight plenary sessions were given by international presenters such as: Adiel Teixeira, Global NYI President; Christiano Manta, Regional NYI President; Alessandro Polonio, Wholistic Ministries Coordinator for Chile; Gabriel Aparicio, Youth Pastor of NYI Makers in Truhillo, Peru; and Jaime Roman, NYI Coordinator for Chile.

The event was organized by approximately 70 youth volunteers, and the worship was led by the band “Inspira,” which had representatives from the four districts in the country.

In the five days of the event, eight of the youth in attendance chose to be baptized. It was an inspirational act of faith, both for the other youth participating in the event and for the organizers, pastors and members of the public present.

The event was also blessed by the presence of Chilean musicians such as Emi and Gene Valenzuela, and Nehemias and Mical Marchant.

Source: Rev. Jaime Román Araya

Translation: Paul Clark