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(NCSA Ecuador) Training for the Wesleyan Institute of Nazarene Identity (iWIN) was held on the campus of South American Nazarene Theological Seminary in Quito, Ecuador on November 13-15.

Fifty-six leaders participated, including speakers Dr. Gustavo Crocker, General Superintendent; Dr. Christian Sarmiento, South America Regional Director; Church of the Nazarene General Secretary Elect Gary Hartke; and Rev. David Gonzalez, Field Strategy Coordinator for the North Andean Field. Several missionaries serving on the field attended the training, along with five of the six district superintendents of Ecuador, and pastors and lay leaders from all six districts in the country.

iWIN seeks to develop, strengthen, improve and add skills, knowledge, and experience among outstanding leaders in South America, with the hope of developing leaders in a variety of ministry areas, and in a variety of levels of ministry leadership: local, district, national, regional, and global.

The event closed with a clear statement on the country´s strategy for accomplishing the mission in Ecuador. The clear, dynamic plan gave the participants confidence and increased commitment for the future.

“It was a very enriching event that reached its goal. It cleared up, in my mind, the mission that we have as children of God to spread the gospel and the necessity of being mentors to others to spread the gospel,” said Liliana Caiza, one of the participants.

Missionary Alyssa Clark also commented, “In my opinion it was a really good event, I am motivated to be a better leader and I understood the importance of being a mentor to someone else, the teaching was very clear and the presenters were clear.”

Source: Nazarene Communications Ecuador.

Translation: Paul Clark.