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(NCSA Paraguay) As the Church of the Nazarene in the city of Caacupemi in the Paraguay Central District is beginning again to have services, a Maximum Mission event was held with several goals. First, to give a spiritual wake up call to the neighborhood, letting them know that there is a living church in the area. Second, to give a chance for the youth of the church to serve and sense their call to ministry. Third, to bring the district together. Finally, to proclaim the message of the good news.

About 50 youth joined the event. Confrontational evangelism was used and several homes in the area were visited. Evangelism was done in a way that protected the participants and the neighborhood during these unique times. Everyone used a face covering and antibacterial gel. The purpose of the event was to infect the listeners with the good news and preach that the only hope humanity has for salvation was brought to the world through Jesus, he is our effective vaccine.

At the end of the event a united worship service was held. All those who served were inspired by worship songs and the preaching of pastor Edgard Ortigoza. Pastor Ortigoza said, “I felt blessed by this event. I’m convinced that this activity brought wonderful fruit to our neighborhood, in addition to waking up the area and making evangelistic contacts that will help us create small groups and develop the REBORN vision that our superintendent is encouraging us with.”

The hope of the district is to make this church into a key church. The efforts in this neighborhood will help reach the concrete development goals of the Central Paraguay District. We hope the youth will continue to be involved and they will develop their missionary gifts. The greatest passion and hope is for local churches to understand the united mission and that churches will reopen as watchtowers in Paraguayan neighborhoods.

Special thanks are given to pastor Marco Muñoz and the church in Laque, pastor Rafael Cardozo and the Lucerito church, pastor Pedro from the Makaí church, and pastor Sergio Sánche from the May 3rd church for supporting the Maximum Mission in Caacupemi.

Source: Central Paraguay District

Translation: Paul Clark