A God who communicates!

When we look to the stories in the Bible, a recurring occurrence is that God communicates. More than this, God’s own initiative in reuniting these diverse stories in the Bible as a communicative record from Him to us, should make clear the importance of communication for Christians.

As has been mentioned, the Bible affirms to us that God is communicating even today. It is in this context that, as a ministry, we find the work of the church to be that of one who holds the responsibility to communicate the Gospel to all, meaning to all those who have not yet surrendered to the Lord Jesus, and also to however many we already call brothers and sisters in the faith.

The initiative to communicate is of God Himself, and he shares this task with His church. Therefore, it is only through our constant dependence on the Holy Spirit that we evangelize and teach, but without being negligent to the excellence that is required of us in this work of communication, articulating through different means and forms that come from a Christian worldview.

Periodically we will offer materials and resources, and our desire is that they would be a help to the ministry of communications in your country, district or local church.

Lucas Nunes

Lucas Nunes

Regional Coordinator