Vision: hat all nazarene leaders of the South America Region be true servant-disciple-makers

Mision: To facilitate the strategic tools so that all the districts of the South America Region become: healthy, mature and sustainable; to develop emerging leaders and equip them so that they are Christ-like servant-leaders in the nations

José Luis Becerra

José Luis Becerra

Regional Coordinator

Living the Great Commission with Passion

The Holy Spirit is divine life in our lives. He is experienced, felt, is dynamic and produces a desire to do what God has asked of us with excellence. The great commission isn’t fulfilled, it is lived. If we only fulfill (carry out), we will always fall short. That life is passion that runs through and in our inner being.  Paul expresses it “Woe is me, if I don’t preach the gospel!”

The great commission is a challenge that the disciples can were only able to do after being filled with the Holy Spirit. It is not just by techniques but with the power of God. It was asked of us by Jesus and He gave us authority to carry it out. As Jesus’ disciples, we should search to be filled with the Holy Spirit to live the commission with all intensity. Not because others ask it of us, but because we cannot nor do we want to let up carrying it out, since that would imply the eternal destiny of thousands of persons and families.

As much as in the promise of Jesus to his disciples (Acts 1:8), as in the commandment (Matthew 28:16-20), there is an invitation to work together, implying the idea of team work, of complementing. Only with that approach can we accomplish it. It is a task and responsibility so great that it cannot be reached alone. That is why the Early Church of Acts 6 understood that requirement and looked for suitable help.

The Holy Spirit not only gives power, but also directs us in the selection of our co-laborers. The Spirit guides us to find people with passion for the work that must be done.

That passion pushed Stephen, Paul, Peter and Phillip, to go beyond the fulfillment of the great commission and to live it with complete intensity in the likeness of Christ.

Still in this third millennium, God is looking for servant-leaders to live the great commission each day with the same intensity as the day that they found Jesus Christ in the spirit of love, peace, pardon, joy and hope.

Characteristics of the Servant-Leader

1.Holy Character

2.Absolute Credibility

3.Blind Confidence

4.Professional Competence in Humility

5.Awareness of Responsibility

6.Shares with Others and Delegates

7.Fulfills the Great Commission with Passion

8.Coherence and Consistency

9.Team complementation and

10.Creativity and Motivation.

*Taken from the Workshop 10 Vitamins “C” for the Leader, by Dr. Carlos H. Fernández.