“…For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.
Genesis 2:24.

Everything starts here. A perfect plan. The plan of God for humanity. One man and a woman, who leave everything to give themselves completely and exclusively to each other and develop the most wonderful of all relations.

It didn’t take long to reach to where bad decisions led the couple to disobey their Creator, devaluing everything that He had given and desired to run after a fantasy created by God’s enemy. From that unpleasant event on, the couple was marked by sin and even today couples endeavor to take back God’s original plan.

Today, in a world where divorces are commonplace, where marriage seems to have no place, God continues to show the way to return to his original plan. It is for this reason that the Church of the Nazarene in the South America Region is developing the Ministry for Marriage CAFE (Casados ​​Felices, of Happily Married), a space for marriages to have time to grow, mature, enjoy, learn and share together what God has for them.

The ministry finds itself in a time of regional organization and implementation. Part of this is the creation of this page on the church’s regional website. Periodically we upload materials and resources that we hope will serve as a support for the implementation of the ministry in each local congregation throughout South America.

Happily Married. Yes! We understand that it is God’s original plan and that in no way should we renounce Him. Instead, we need to look to the marriage that God established in His Word, make it a reality in our lives and promote it so that, in our churches and communities, each day there may be more and more who are happily married.

Carlos y Nancy Cordero

Carlos y Nancy Cordero

Regional Coordinators