When we think of Nazarene Missions International, almost automatically this verse comes to mind.  Two important words stand out:  Power and witnesses.

This is the true meaning that we can give to NMI, to receive power from above to be witnesses of Jesus, wherever we are:  In our neighborhood, city, nation and in all the world.

By means of the NMI, Nazarenes throughout the world can involve themselves in various ways and be an active part of the Great commission, reaching people that have not heard the message of salvation in Jesus Christ.  Following the regional vision, we want to challenge each Nazarene, to be an effective agent of the Great Commission.  But, how can one be an effective agent of the Great commission?  Involving oneself actively in the local NMI in four different ways.  And what are they?

Ruth Bravo

Ruth Bravo

Regional Coordinator


The search for a profound personal revival that produces a passion for holding all the leaders of our local churches up in prayer, and interceding so that through the action of the Holy Spirit we continue bringing persons to Christ. There is a Prayer Mobilization Line that will connect you with the present needs of Nazarene global missions.


Materials have been developed for “Disciples in Ministry” to train local leaders of Missions for a more effective ministry in this context. Also in cooperation with the South America Global Mission we encourage local churches to develop missionary projects of short duration that include different age groups in the process of Making Christ-like Disciples in the Nations (example: Maximum Mission Projects).


To help the local churches to tell the story of the development of Nazarene missions and thus to know what is happening around the world. There is a great quantity of missionary books edited by the Nazarene Publishing House that will help you to know how God is working around the world.


Dedicando nuestro tiempo, talento y recursos financieros para el engrandecimiento del reino de Dios. Ofrendando para que misioneros globales sean enviados a todo el mundo, que edificios para iglesias sean construidos y que seminarios sean sostenidos para apoyar el desarrollo de la misión en la Iglesia del Nazareno. En el transcurso del año, la MNI local promueve maneras en las cuales nazarenos de todo el mundo, por medio de sus ofrendas, pueden tomar parte en la misión de Dios. La Palabra de Dios dice: “Más bienaventurada cosa es dar que recibir” (Hechos 20:35 NVI). Estamos agradecidos a los miles de nazarenos que colaboran fielmente, haciendo posible que la Iglesia del Nazareno esté presente en 162 áreas mundiales y sostenga financieramente a más de 737 misioneros globales en diferentes partes del mundo con el Fondo de Evangelismo Mundial (FEM).

These are the four objectives that each local NMI should focus on to see that each Nazarene is connected with the Great commission.  However, the objective that perhaps is better known is that of Offerings, and we give thanks to God for that. “It is more blessed to give than to receive” Acts 20:35 We are grateful to the thousands of Nazarenes who faithfully work together with the Global Mission of the Church of the Nazarene, making it possible that in the year 2012 the Church of the Nazarene is present in 159 world areas, and has 737 global missionaries in different parts of the world who are supported by the World Evangelism Fund (WEF).

Let us continue being Nazarenes challenged by the words of Jesus to go and make disciples like Him in the nations. Let’s not stop praying, educating, discipling and giving, until the good news is preached unto the ends of the earth. Let us demonstrate our gratitude to God by connecting ourselves with the Great commission through the NMI.

Official pages of NMI Global:  http://www.nazarene.org/es/nmi


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