(NCSA Brazil) The Nazarene Boat “Jesus, the Hope 2” completed 1 year of activity in the Amazonian forest of Brazil. The Church of the Nazarene in Brazil together with the Amazonian District of Brazil initiated by faith an innovative project to build a modern boat that could serve missionary operations in the Amazon region. Thus, the boat was inaugurated on August 29, 2017 and began to sail based on the Black River and its tributaries.
In this first year, evangelism projects as well as discipleship in the riverside and indigenous communities of the Black River (Rio Negro) were developed from the city of Manaus. The boat’s first year of operation was full of challenges as it was time to learn more about the engine and accessories. There was also the purpose of correctly measuring the consumption of the boat to obtain a more accurate estimate of the financial value needed for travel and projects. God blessed it and it was a fantastic first year!
The boat meets all the requirements of the Navy Captaincy / Brazilian Ports and offers space for up to 50 people. The boat has 3 bathrooms, 1 kitchen with industrial stove, 2 air-conditioners and a freezer. Another novelty is that in order to reduce financial costs a little and improve the protection of the environment, solar energy is used. This year, 2018, a solar panel was installed on the top of the boat and the result was very good. In the future, it is expected to realize a more daring design with more solar panels and converters to store more energy.
The boat’s first year of operation was only on the Black River (Rio Negro) because it was closer to the city of Manaus (State of Amazonas) in this first year of adaptation. In the future, the Amazon Region of Brazil intends to expand its activities to the Amazon River, Solimões River and other minor rivers to support evangelism, church planting, discipleship, compassion and medical clinics.
We thank you all for your support in enabling the Church of the Nazarene to do a blessed work in the Amazon region.
Source: Pr. Igor de Sousa Vale
Translation: Scott Brubaker