(NCSA Venezuela) Sept. 8 was the celebration of the of the opening of the mission church, Tierra de Gracia (Land of Grace) located in the community of Coropo in the province of Agugua, in Maracay, Venezuela which is on Primero District with Rev. Jimmy De Gouveia serving as the District Superintendent. Pastors Carlos and Germania Cadavi were installed as pastors of the mission which was started by Pastor Daniel Bonilla from the Jesús la Esperanza (Jesus the Hope) Church, in the El Limón, community of Maracay.
The Holy Spirit planted the idea to start a mission in the hearts of Pastor Carlos and his wife who for years had been winning people to the Lord in their community through a cell group in their home where 30 adults, youth and children would meet. On Sundays the cell group would attend the El Limón church.
The celebration service included special presentations, bringing of the first fruits and praise and worship through songs and prayer. Pastors, members, friends and neighbors helped to spread the news of the Kingdom in the district. The celebration closed with the commitment to make Christ-Like disciples and to reach the goal of 100 members by the end of 2018.
Source: Pr. Rony Cabarcas