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(NCSA) Dr. Verne Ward, in consultation with General Superintendents Dr. David Busic and Dr. Gustavo Crocker and Regional Director Dr. Christian Sarmiento, has appointed Dr. José Evelio Vásquez as Field Strategy Coordinator for the Central Andean Field of South America.

Dr. Evelio Vásquez served as rector of the Nazarene Theological Seminary in Peru from which he received his Associate’s and Bachelor’s. He earned his Master’s Degree in Church Mission at the seminary in Quito, Ecuador pursuant to an agreement with SENDAS, and his Doctorate of Ministry from Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City.

Evelio and his wife, Gladis, have three children: Jocelyn, Gabriela, and Randy.

Pray for the Vásquez family during their transition to Lima, as Evelio adapts to his new ministry and leadership role and for a new rector of our beloved Nazarene Theological Seminary in Peru.

Source: Church of the Nazarene South America