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(NCSA Brazil) Dr. Geraldo Nunes Filho was named Field Strategy Coordinator of the North Andean Field (Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela), and elected as Rector of Nazarene Theological Seminary of South America in Quito, Ecuador in January. Geraldo Nunes served in Brazil as the Wholistic Ministries Coordinator (CIM for the initials in Spanish), Jurisdictional Secretary, and Rector of Nazarene Theological Seminary of Brazil (STNB). Reverend Manuel Lima, Director of the Brazil Sub-Region, has presented Rev. Natanael Pinto Cardoso as the New Rector of STNB, and Rev. Sandro Rogério Ribeiro as the Jurisdictional Secretary, and also as the new CIM for Brazil.

Reverend Natanael Pinto Cardoso is married to Dr. Rita Cardoso. He holds a Masters in Sociology from Institute University of Lisboa (ISCTE); masters in Science of Religion from Seminary of the Americas, Costa Rica; License in Theology from STNB; License in Social Sciences from the Economics Department of the University of Algarve; he was the Director of the Portuguese Nazarene Bible Institute, which is an extension of European Nazarene College in Portugal; he has served as Global Missionary in Portugal and recently was an administrator at STNB in Santa Catarina. Currently, he is the Global Missions Coordinator in Brazil. We hope this new season of forming new pastors and ministers will be fruitful and beneficial for all of Brazil.

Reverend Sandro is married to Anelise Ribeiro.  He holds a License in Philosophy from UNIP; has done further studies in Sociology, Clinical Psychology and Teaching Philosophy and Contemporary Theology at FNB and formation in Theology at STNB. Currently his is a member of the Mount Calvary Church of the Nazarene in Paulínia, Sao Paulo where he has been since 2010. He is the District NYI president for Sao Paulo, a member of the NYI council for Brazil, and Secretary of the Ministerial Credentials Board. The Church of the Nazarene welcomes this new member to the national team.

“In the name of the Church of the Nazarene in Brazil, we welcome these brothers, hoping their gifts and talents will be used exclusively extend the Kingdom of God,” affirmed Rev. Manuel Lima, Director of the Brazil Sub-Region.

Source: Nazarene Communications, Brazil