(NCSA Peru) From July 27 to 30, 2018, a District Retreat for the Pastors’ children was held in the city of Piura, located in the north of Peru, belonging to the Peru Pacific North District. Forty (40) young singles aged 11 years and older participated. There was a special participation as an expositor from Costa Rica, the missionary Natanael Picavea, who not only was an expositor, but also interacted with the participants.
District Superintendent, Rev. Segundo Rimarachín and his wife, Pastor Lourdes Palacios, also attended the retreat. There was time for fellowship, prayer, film, sport, music shows and a variety of activities.
The pastors’ children who participated in the retreat wanted to stay longer and asked for other such events. All went to their homes very happy and motivated and the parents were grateful for this wonderful time that was dedicated to their children.
Let us pray for the pastors’ children; they also need us.
Source: Tania Rimarachín
Translation: Scott Brubaker