(CNAS Ecuador) On April 24, 2018, the church plant that the Church of the Nazarene is planting in Latacunga, Ecuador, was granted access to the IESS Hospital, the Hospital for Union Workers.

Under the leadership of Rev. Marcelo and Viviana Fretes, two times a week they go and share hope with the people that they find in the hospital, giving them a cup of tea with some bread and praying for all who need it.

Brother Patricio Salas who did the work to have the church be able to enter the hospital, Brother Wilson Celis, his wife, Monica Patricia and the group of Nazarene missionaries who serve through the Extreme Nazarene Program are all a part of the team who ministers in the hospital each Tuesday and Thursday by sharing hope through a prayer of faith. God is at work and ministering to the people in this place.

Source: Marcelo Fretes
Translation: Jessica Rojas