(CNAS Argentina) On May 25-26, 2018 the District SDMI Council from the Cuyo District, along with the help of the churches in San Luis, held a training conference about Stage and Theatrical Arts in the Juan Saa School. The conference was given by Keila Radi (Theater Professor) and Esteban Fidel Yocco (Circus Professor) along with members of the Parabola Group, and the Altos de Pilar Church of the Nazarene from Buenos Aires, Argentina. 70 brothers and sisters attended.

Throughout the training sessions, the presenters shared about how to use Stage and Theatrical Arts as an evangelistic tool. The workshops included were Circus Arts, Choreography, Dramas, Bible Stories, Balloon Art, Costumes, and Artistic Make-Up.

Each participant received a certificate and gift for completing the training and the organizers of the event were also recognized.

The evented ended with an evangelistic show for children and their families, where all enjoyed watching Fidel the Clown perform and a group choreography led by Keila Radi. The participants of the event were also able to show off their newly-learned abilities in circus arts. They shared hot chocolate together with the educational community and gave away clothing and shoes to those who were in need.

Source: Raul Mariano Garay