(NCSA Ecuador) The Nazarene Theological Seminary of South America celebrated with a series of commemorative events its 30 years of ministry. The first activity was a Celebration tour in three Ecuadorian cities, with Dr. Lucas Leys as the keynote speaker, who emphasized the importance of generational leadership, the urgency of church renewal and the need for biblically trained leaders.

STNS implemented various strategies to promote its educational offerings during the tour. The host cities were: Guayaquil, June 22; Riobamba, June 23, and Quito, June 24. More than a thousand people bought their tickets to be a part of the festivities. Pastors, leaders, young adults, and adolescents enjoyed the programs nuanced with music, drama and choreography.

The Rector, Rev. David Lemache together with Rev. David Gonzalez, FSC of the North Andean Field, and the staff members of the STNS mobilized to the three cities to lead the tour that counted on the support of the Coast District (Guayaquil), the Pucara Church of the Nazarene (Riobamba) and the Carcelén Church of the Nazarene (Quito).

The celebrations for the anniversary will culminate with the main event on December 1st of this year, the date on which the graduation ceremony of the 30th Promotion will take place. STNS continues being innovative in order to reach new generations!

Source: STNS Communications

Translation: Cindy Downey