(NCSA Peru) The city of Chiclayo, in the northern part of Peru, was the perfect place to hold the Theological Education Conference, which was organized by the Peru Nazarene Theological Seminary (PNTS), from September 6-8, 2018.
The audience for the event were the faculty of the PNTS, in all of its different modalities, and pastors to be able to offer them updated tools to be able to better carry out their responsibilities.
The invited speakers were: Dr. Frank Moore, General Editor of the Church of the Nazarene; Dr. Stan Rodes, Global Administrative Director and Ministry Development: Dr. Francisco Cabanillas, pastor, sociologist and professor of PNTS; Dr. Tomas Gutierrez, writer and professor at UNMSM.
Among the topics that they delivered were: Wesleyan Theology, Prevenient Grace, Spiritual Pilgrimage, Life-long Learning, Development of Ministerial Boards, Learning to Teach, and Christian Ethics and Anti-Corruption: Moving Towards a Cultural of Integrity.
Also, there was a replica of the Fourth Global Theological Conference, held March 18-21, 2018 in Leesburg, Florida, USA. The participants were: Dr. Jorge Julca, South America Regional Coordinator of Education; Dr. Evelio Vasquez, President of PNTS; Rev. Segundo Rimarachín, Holistic Ministry Coordinator; Rev. Edgardo Roman and Rev. Salomon Sanchez. The theme of the Conference was Christology. The main emphasis was on the need to know and be more like Jesus, to become more faithful to Jesus Christ and unite ourselves with the mission of Jesus Christ.
It was a time of great blessing and the participants expressed that their hope is that these kinds of spaces will continue to develop with the end goal being to strengthen the theological education in our church.
The event ended with the awarding of certificates to the 120 who were registered in the event. The challenge continues to keep making Christ-like disciples in Peru. Dr. Evelio Vasquez thanked the speakers and participants for their attendance. We experienced three days of dialog and prayer for the theology of our church, and specifically what it means to be a people of holiness centered in Christ.
Source: Nazarene Communications Peru
Translation: Jessica Rojas