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(NCSA Venezuela) Franyuli and her husband, Eduar, live with their two children in San José Obrero, Venezuela. Due to the country’s coronavirus quarantine, they were left without income. Their situation had become so dire that the whole family depended on Franyuli’s parents for food.

Eduar is an athletic trainer and Franyuli stays home to take care of their children, Ruth and Eli. The couple are members of the El Cambio Church of the Nazarene in the Venezuela-Llanos District.

During the days when they had nothing to eat, Franyuli was participating in the National Online Congress of Women of the Church of the Nazarene. While attending, she remembered that one of the speakers said: “At this moment, the blessing is going to come to your house!” 

At that same moment, a person came asking for Franyuli and delivered a large supply of food. This person who arrived only told the family: “I woke up this morning and felt it in my heart to bring this to you.”

In addition to the provision of food, the family also received approximately 50 kilos of clothes, shoes, and even gifts to celebrate Eli’s birthday. Without a doubt, the provisions were a miracle of God. Although the person who brought them the food and clothing did not know the difficult economic situation they were going through, God did know and heard their prayers.

Fuente: Nazarene Communications – Venezuela