(NCSA Chile) On August 25, and September 1-2, the Women’s Meetings in Chile took place, starting at the Juan Noé church in Arica, with the Northern District Women’s Conference and then “Wholly Women” conference held in Hualpén, Concepción, where the Central, Lagos and Biobio districts participated.
These were events that gathered about 230 women, each with a heart willing to give their true worship to our God and receive from his Word and teaching.
The organizing committee led by Pastor Cristiane Polônio, National Coordinator of Chile’s Women’s Ministry, involved several professionals to conduct workshops, including Pastor Ana Mardones, Pastor Mirtha Aburto, Dr. Angela Sepúlveda, nurse Olga Sepúlveda, Psychologist Priscila Bahamondes and teachers Elizabeth Soto and Lorena Moya.
We thank God for such beautiful and blessed moments of worship and during the workshops and preaching times. God was present at all times, in every detail, building up our lives and giving us the tools to be whole women. We are also happy to have received the coordinators of the Women’s Ministry from all districts in Chile: Maria Paz del Canto (Northern District), Débora Acuña (Central District), Eliana Mora (Biobio District) and Ana Mardones (Lagos District). Glory and honor to our Heavenly Father!
Source: Débora Acuña
Translation: Scott Brubaker