(CNSAM Uruguay) After several years where District NYI did not function due to lack of leadership, the idea of ​having a camp was a challenge. However, God was with us all the time. Between February 23 and 25 2018, a committed team helped so that our expectations were meet and surpassed in several aspects. These were two very blessed days, where a total of 85 young people from 9 churches participated and from the first day God spoke to our hearts.

The theme of the camp was «Pixel», flowing from the idea that all of us are like a pixel, and although we are many, we are unique and God works in us individually. We are pixels because we are the bearers of the image of God and for this we must fill ourselves with Him through grace. We are pixels and we must take care of the black spots (sin) that not only affect our life, but also our surroundings. We must remember that we are not to point out the black spots of others, but to be instruments of God’s grace to them. Finally, we are pixels and our life has a greater reason than ourselves: to reflect Christ in our house, our neighborhood, our church.

God used the speakers to speak to those present through His Word, starting from how they relate to God individually, but also how they glorify Him in the collective, being part of a body. Our camp ended with youth surrendered at the Lord’s feet, offering themselves to serve God and others. It was a special time, and until today, we hear testimonies of young people impacted by God, wanting more of the Lord. It was just the beginning of a year of victory for NYI and all the credit goes to the Lord.

Source: Arturo Gasca
Translation: Scott Brubaker

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