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(NCSA Argentina) The class of 2019 graduated from Southern Cone Nazarene Theological Seminary with the backdrop of the centennial celebration of the Church of the Nazarene in Argentina, and with great gratitude for what God has done. The ceremony took place on Saturday, November 16, 2019 at 6:00 PM in the Bruno Radi Convention Center on the seminary campus.

A total of 40 students graduated from the programs: Diploma in Theology, Bachelor’s in Theology, and License in Theology.

Reverend Mario Martinez, Nazarene Missionary to Bissau Guinea,  was the special preacher for the event. Reverend Martinez preached an inspiring message from God’s Word. Other Nazarene authorities took part in the ceremony including, Jorge Julca, Rector of Southern Cone Nazarene Theological Seminary and Regional Education Coordinator for the South American Region; Rev. Susana G. de Irigoitia, Superintendent of the Argentine Mesopotamic District; Rev. Pablo Tello, Superintendent of the South Paraguay District; Rev. Eduardo Martinez, Superintendent of the North Patagonia District; Rev. Enrique Sardiello, Superintendent of the Argentine Litoral District; and Rev. Marcelo Correa, Superintendent of the Central Argentine District; each of whom participated in the graduation.

The ceremony included worship songs, testimonies from the graduates representing each of the academic programs, congregational prayer of commitment and thanksgiving, the message from God’s word, giving of certificates and gifts, and words of encouragement and prayer for the graduates. The event ended with the tradition of cutting the cake and a time of fellowship with everyone present.

The seminary is grateful to God for another class of students graduated in the Southern Cone Field, who have completed this stage of their preparation for ministry with work and dedication and have answered the call from the Lord of the harvest.

The list of graduates is as follows:


Cardozo, Norma Jovita – Dist.  Argentine Litoral

Gómez, Alejandra del Carmen – Dist.  Central Argentine Patagonia

Martínez, Marta Ester – Dist. Argentine Central

Rodríguez, Pablo Cesar – Dist. Argentine Central

Rosales, Rosa Gloria – Dist. Argentine Litoral


Amaya, Esteban Roberto – Dist. Argentine Litoral

Amaza, Carlos Benito – Dist. North Patagonia

Anriquez, Cristian Antonio – Dist. Argentine Central

Castillo Román, Camila Carolina – Dist. Central Paraguay

Castro, María de Los Ángeles – Dist. Argentine Mesopotámico

Dulche, Horacio David – Dist. Argentine Mesopotámico

Galarza Caje, Debora Noemí – Dist. Northeast Argentina

Galeano, Lorena Paola – Dist. Argentine Mesopotámico

García, Ezequiel Nicolás – Dist. Argentine Central

Gerez, Raúl Alberto – Dist.  Argentine Central

Lagraña, Elizabet Ángela – Dist. Argentine Central

La Paz, Osvaldo Raúl – Dist. Central Argentine Patagonia

Maldonado, Rubén Darío – Dist.  Central Argentine Patagonia

Murillo Coronado, Giovanna E. – Dist.  Argentine Central

Pepermans, Jorge Eduardo – Dist.  Argentine Litoral

Rojas Talavera, Wilmar David – Dist.  South Texas, USA

Ruiz, Joaquín Emmanuell – Dist.  Argentine Central

Ruiz, Mónica – Dist.  Northeast Argentina

Saucedo, Néstor Daniel – Dist.  Argentine Central

Soria, Ana Priscila – Dist.  Argentine Central

Stoppiello, Cristian Omar – Dist.  Argentine Central

Torres, Mónica Beatriz – Dist.  Argentine Central


Chavez Ticona, Luis Adolfo -Dist.  La Paz – Bolivia

Machaca Choque, José Arturo -Dist.  La Paz – Bolivia


Avellaneda, José Manuel – Dist.  Northeast Argentina

Díaz, Alejandro Fabian – Dist.  Argentine Central

López, Nélida Rosaura – Dist.  Argentine Litoral

Muniz Colmán, Felix Pedro – Dist.  Colorado – USA

Quinteros, Dora del Carmen – Dist.  Central Argentine Patagonia

Saavedra Carabajal, Nelson S. – Dist.  La Paz – Bolivia

Soto López, Raúl Samuel – Dist.  North Chile

Ticona Chavez, Luís Adolfo – Dist.  La Paz – Bolivia

Vicuña Tarqui, Abraham G. – Dist.  La Paz – Bolivia

Villoslada, Leiba, Misael – Dist.  Argentine Central

Vivas, José Fernando – Dist.  Argentine Mesopotámico

Source: Jorge Julca/Eduardo Velázquez

Translation: Paul Clark

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